Celebrating Over 10 Years as a Leading Grill Brand.

Cooking lighter, delicious food for yourself, your family or a party has never been easier. Our fantastic range of grills suit every purpose, so you’ll always have a fat reducing grill to cook great tasting food.

Our patented angled grill effortlessly glides fat down its non stick channels, removing up to 42% of fat from food*. Thanks to the grill’s innovative floating hinges, you can evenly toast sandwiches and generous cuts of meat. Cook meats and vegetables to perfection, from fresh or frozen. Need inspiration? Browse our collection of fat reduced tasty recipes, designed for use with your grill.

Say goodbye to scrubbing. Our non-stick grills are so easy to clean, simply wipe them clean with kitchen roll. Some grills detach for a gentle soak

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**Recommended retail price by the manufacturer (incl. VAT)