Family 5 Portion Silver Grill 19920 -

Family 5 Portion Silver Grill


RRP 74.99

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The deliciously Family Grill is an amazing way to cook meals and snacks quickly and more healthily. This versatile grill will be a cooking companion for your lunch, dinner and sandwiches. Thanks to its grooved grill design that helps to drain excess fat off food, it can reduce the fat content by up to 42%. The fat drains cleanly away into a removable tray that can simply be taken off and washed.

It’s a fast food solution without the fast food guilt! Use it for an indoor barbecue of burgers and chicken or for cheese toasties, garlic bread, tuna melts – in fact most things that make your mouth water can be cooked easily, quickly and cleanly on your George Foreman 5 Portion Family Grill. It cooks up to 5 portions at a time so you can easily cook for everyone at once.

In a stylish silver finish, this clever machine will look smart on your worktop but if space is at a premium in your home its grill plate’s lock shut enabling vertical storage.

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  • Grill channels fat into separate drip tray
  • Cooks up to five portions of food
  • Flush fitting drip tray
  • Adjustable rear foot for flat or angled cooking
  • Vertical storage
Vertical Storage

Vertical Storage

Stuck for space? Your grill can be stored vertically helping it to slot neatly away inside your cupboard or on your worktop, without taking up too much room.