Entertaining 7 Portion Grey Grill 19932 -

Entertaining 7 Portion Grey Grill


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The benefits of cooking with a George Foreman Grill are so many and varied that it’s little wonder it remains the world’s No.1 electric health grill – even 12 years after it was first launched.

It’s easy to use, grills a whole host of food and can help you to cook up a healthier, tastier meal or snack in no time.

42% Fat Reduction

Fat reduction is at the core of the George Foreman brand and independent tests have shown that the George Foreman Grill removes up to 42% of fat* from food. The patented angled grill channels fat and grease away from foods, and contact grilling from both sides applies gentle pressure onto food encouraging additional fat to be removed.

Floating Hinge

The grill’s cleverly designed floating hinge accommodates extra thick cuts – so you can be generous with your slicing! With a floating hinge the grill top can move more freely, great for toasting sandwiches, paninis or more generous portions.

Versatile grilling, from fresh or frozen

The 7 Portion George Foreman 19932 Entertaining grill is perfect for entertaining or feeding larger families. For added versatility, the back foot on this grill is adjustable for flat or angled cooking. Use it on an angle when cooking meat or anything that contains fat to speed the flow of fat into the drip tray. Use it flat if you’re popping in a panini, searing asparagus or if you fancy rustling up a cheese and ham toastie.

Flush fitting Drip Tray

In a black high shine finish, the George Foreman Entertaining grill with extended handle for ease of use will look smart on any worktop. The flush fitting drip tray provides a streamlined look, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen, for making deliciously tasty brunches, lunches and dinners.

George Foreman know that space in homes can be at a premium and so they have incorporated a clever storage solution where you are able to stand the grill upright and can neatly wrap the cord to keep your kitchen cupboards in order and mess free.

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  • Cooks up to 7 portions
  • Adjustable rear foot for flat or angled cooking
  • Flush fitting drip tray
  • Compact storage solution with vertical storage
Vertical Storage

Vertical Storage

Stuck for space? Your grill can be stored vertically helping it to slot neatly away inside your cupboard or on your worktop, without taking up too much room.

Adjustable rear foot

Adjustable rear foot

What are your grilling today? An adjustable rear foot means you can use your grill on a flat surface when you are cooking sandwiches or angled when cooking meat.