Entertaining 7 Portion Steel Red Grill 25050 -

Entertaining 7 Portion Steel Red Grill


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In a bold and stand-out red, your George Foreman grill will not only make an impact on your food but also in your kitchen. Packed with a new design, improved features and a whole spectrum of cooking opportunities, this Entertaining George Foreman grill will benefit your lifestyle by making delicious meals quickly and easily, with just the close of a lid.

A new look

This George Foreman grill has a new contemporary design with an upper steel lid in a statement red, making the 7-serving grill a winner in performance and appearance.

Improved Features

With a new perfect fit, clip in drip tray and a rear adjustable foot for angled grilling you can drain away the excess fat removing up to 42% of fat* in your food. And, if you want to neatly store your George Foreman Grill away, he also comes with a cord wrap that allows for easy vertical storage.

Non-stick plates

After tucking into a delicious dinner, the last thing you feel like doing is the washing up. That’s why the George Foreman Grill comes with non-stick plates for effortless cleaning. Once you’ve cooked up a storm in the kitchen, simply wipe them down ready for your next use. And, the attached non-stick plates also mean that the George Foreman grill is always ready to go almost instantly.

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  • Cooks up to 7 portions of food
  • Contemporary designed upper steel lid and internal branding
  • Bevelled steel upper housing
  • Inner plate branding
  • Easy to clean, non-stick coated plates
  • Perfect fit drip tray- slides and clips into place
  • Adjustable rear foot for flat or angled cooking
  • Grill can be stored vertically, including drip tray with cord storage
  • Ready to cook indicator lights
  • 1850W
  • Up to a 3 year guarantee (when you register your product online)
New "Perfect Fit" Sliding in Drip Tray

New "Perfect Fit" Sliding in Drip Tray

At George Foreman we don’t just take care of your bodies but also your worktops. With a new perfect fit drip tray that slides into your grill we’re keeping your cleaning to a minimum. Capturing all of the drips and drops of fat that drain away from your food we’re keeping your kitchen and diet clean. That’s right not only does the George Foreman Grill keep your food lean but your kitchen counter clean.

Vertical Storage

Vertical Storage

Are you tired of clutter on the kitchen counter? Then you’ll love the Family Removable Plates Grill with its compact vertical storage that gets the job done and can be easily stored away in any spare corner or cupboard.