Serves 4

  1. Take a piece of tin foil approx. 30cm long and a piece of baking paper approx. 10cm by 15cm. Lay the baking paper on top of the tin foil in the middle and lay a piece of salmon on top of the baking paper. Put a slice of lemon, a piece of parsley, a squeeze of lemon juice, 20ml white wine, a drizzle of olive oil and seasoning on the salmon. Make sure the salmon is length ways and take the 2 edges top and bottom that are horizontal to the salmon and bring them together above the salmon, being careful not to let any goodness escape, fold the 2 edges together and roll down towards the salmon, take the 2 ends and fold them over the top of the salmon to form a parcel and gondola looking handles.
  2. Heat up indoor/ outdoor BBQ and place the salmon parcels on the side, cook for approx. 6 minutes, carefully open the parcel and serve the salmon using some of the juice as a sauce